Last updated on March 23rd, 2023

Payment Methods Bank Transfer 

The bank transfer is one of the oldest ways to make the deposits and the withdrawals with your online sportsbook or for online gambling platform. It is a secure way to transfer the money from one bank account to another, either in person, or online.  This payment method, also known as wire transfer, has the guarantee of a bank’s brand for a safe transaction, but also takes a bit longer to be completed and sometimes includes a small fee. As a very popular payment type, almost every licensed and registered betting or gambling platform in New York provides this option for the transactions with the players.   

Which Gambling Operators offer Bank Transfer? 

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Online sportsbooks and online gambling are not new, they are available several years now and amongst the players bank transfer as a payment method were one of the first and most reliable options. The bank works as a guarantee for a safe transaction between the player and the platform, almost everyone has bank account and almost every online sports betting operator in New York or online gambling platform are including bank transfer in their list of payment methods. Despite that, now that everything works faster, a bank transfer may have some bigger delay until it will be confirmed, plus some extra charges.  

How we can Deposit Money in Bank Transfer 

Bank transfer as a payment method in online gambling platforms is very common and that’s because the only thing needed is an active account. The process to make a deposit is a lot usual as it is something that almost everybody has done it at least one time. The deposit for a bank transfer can be done or in person, by visiting the bank of your choice, going to the cash desk and deposing the money or online by transferring the money from another bank account to the one which you want to use to complete the particular bank transfer.  

How we can Withdraw Money in Bank Transfer 

 Of course using bank transfer as a payment method will in online sportsbook or gambling operators it means that a withdrawal will be needed. As with the deposit, same with the withdrawal you can do it in person by visiting the bank of your preference and taking the money from the cash desk. You can also go to an automatic cash machine with your card and make the withdrawal. Don’t forget that sometimes between bank to bank there are some small charges for the transactions, so try to use the same account for your bank transfer to avoid these fees.  

What we should know for Bank Transfer 

Bank transfer is something that it’s done in everyday life, so more or less almost everybody is familiar with it. It is the process of transferring money from one bank account to another, also known as wire transfer. One of the oldest and safest payment methods as everyone has a bank account for his transactions and a bank is guarantying for the security of the transfers. With the online options bank transfers are getting faster and faster, keeping still though some extra charges between the banks and some fees depending on the amount that you will transfer. Take a good look on these details if you going to use bank transfer as a payment method.