Last updated on May 3rd, 2023

Betting on Water Polo in New York State

One of the most intensive and interesting sports with a lot of action is water polo. After the end of the European Championship of 2023 the popularity of the sport has shown noticeable increase as for the games viewers, but also for betting water polo. Based on this popularity grown a lot of online sports bookmakers have included water polo in their lists with the available sports markets. As the online betting is allowed in New York, the authorities gave license and registration to plenty of sportsbooks to launch their platforms and mobile apps in the state. Almost all the sports bookmakers in New York are providing a good variety of betting water polo options during the major contests, most of the times with high bonuses and special offers to claim and try betting water polo market.  

Top Sports Bookmakers for Betting Water Polo  

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Since 2019 the online sports betting became legal for the state of New York and several online operators launched their platforms on desktop sites and mobile apps to provide the best sports markets for the New Yorkers. Betting water polo is a market with growing popularity, especially after the end of the European Water Polo Championship in summer of 2023. With the competition and the popularity increasing the licensed and registered sportsbooks of NY are trying to provide as more betting options as possible, to cover every bettors need. So, for betting water polo in New York there are several top sports bookmakers which are providing tempting odds during the major water polo events. In the same time,  sports betting platforms are also having a lot tempting bonus to claim, combined with several offers, some of them exclusive for water polo events, for the new and the already existing members, to choose the one which suits you the most. As the water polo competitions is between national teams, the major contests are happening during the season and some of the sportsbooks of New York which are including the betting water polo options in their platforms are the following:  

How to Bet in Water Polo 

The Olympic sport of water polo has started to increase its popularity so with the viewers of the games, as for the betting water polo. The action and the tension of the matches are attracting plenty of people around the pool to watch, but also several bettors whom are placing their wagers in the available betting options. Since online betting is allowed for New York the legit sportsbooks are offering plenty of betting options during the water polo major contests, including also a lot of bonus and offers for their members to claim. As the matches are divided in 4 quarters of 8 minutes the betting options and the combinations are several, with some of the most popular to be the bellow: 

Markets to Bet Water Polo around the World 

Water Polo is a sport mostly with national major events which are attracting the most of the interest for watching and betting water polo. With the licensed and registered online sportsbook of New York becoming more, the variety is getting bigger and many of them are providing a plethora of betting options during the major national contest of water polo, like the World Water Polo Championship or the Water Polo Qualifiers for the Olympic Games.   Except of the major national contests, several countries are having teams and leagues of the sport, but there not a lot popular for betting water polo and only a few sports betting operators are offering some options.