Last updated on February 3rd, 2023

Online Sports Betting in New York 

Sports betting is an industry that gathers a lot of fans, as it gives a new interest in any sports contest, especially for states like New York who loves sport action. The in person betting is allowed since 2013, but lately, since 2019, is legal the online betting also, a function much easier and faster, with nine sportsbooks available for legal online sports betting.  

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When it comes to sports betting in New York, one of the most important things is to stay up to date for the events that happening and not lose a moment. The law in New York city gave the opportunity to the betting companies to create mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, so the bettor will catch up with all the news, find the best sports betting odds in New York, even watch the game in live stream. At this time there are nine sports betting apps available for free downloading in App Store and Play Store: 

The multiple options available will help the potential bettor to find the most suitable and enjoy the sports betting experience any time and in any place.   

Bonuses and Offers in Sports Betting    

The sports betting online are expanding fast and the amount of new bettors is growing. One fact that helps these is the bonus and the betting offers from the sports betting sites and apps, that making it more tempting. The welcome bonus is a key factor for a new bettor to sign up in a platform. One of the most common offers is the 100% deposit match since the first deposit. Sports betting sites are offering free betting amounts for new accounts or the best sports betting odds to choose. The daily offers are very attractive to place a bet in the sports events that taking place this specific day, as the special bets available for many sports contests. The plethora of the bonuses and offers available will cover every bettors need.  

Online Sports Betting & Apps Vs Retail Sportsbooks 

The number of the sports betting sites is growing fast enough, as the amount of the potential bettors is growing too. And there are reasons for this.  

On the other hand, the retail sportsbooks are finding hard to compete all these. Except for the fact that all of them are legal and the live interaction with the other players, it is very difficult to find something else that it cannot be found online.  

How to Choose the Best Sports Betting Site? 

New bettor or experienced one, the key factor of choosing a sports betting site is to be registered and licensed from the New York authorities for sports betting. If you are not sure if a site or an app is legit, better to look for which you will be 100% sure about it. Legality is the most important reason to choose the site to place your bet. Another reason to choose a sports betting site that suits you, are the bonuses and offers providing and the odds available for betting. It is also very important to be user friendly for you choose the proper site. There are lots of options to search and find what is the most suitable and legit for you.  

 How to Start Betting?  

Since 2019, sports betting online are legal in New York and attract lots of players. If you are a beginner, you must bet: 

There are enough betting companies available in New York to sign up and place your bets safe. If you are new in sports betting, here are some tips: 

Most Common Terms in Sports Betting 

New York or any other state, sports betting is a universal language, with many terms being common everywhere.  In a short time and with a bit practice, you will be fluent with the betting terms: 

Strategies and Systems of Sports Betting 

The sports betting is not only luck, is not exactly gambling and that’s why you must have a strategy or a system to reduce the risks.  In the beginning, stay up to date and check the odds. There are plenty of options daily offers and special bets, so you have to make a good search to find the best for you. A lot useful for the bettors to do is middling the bets. Invest time finding any useful piece of information as any information is important to win a bet. So you have to “study” for the best results in sports betting. But most do not ever chase your loses. Take a break, gamble responsibly, and clear your mind, better luck next time. 

FAQ for Sports Betting in New York

  • Online sports betting is legal in New York?

    After enough waiting the online sports betting is allowed in the state of New York since 2019, with the local authorities providing license and registration to many online sportsbook, as the market options are increasing rapidly.

  • Which are the best online sportsbooks in New York?

    The variety of the legit sportsbooks in NY is big enough for every bettor to find what he is looking for. Some of the best online sports betting operators, licensed and registered by the New York authorities are the FanDuel Sportsbook, the WynnBET Sportsbook and the BetRivers Sportsbook.

  • Which are the best sports betting markets in New York?

    The online sportsbooks providing a plethora of sports markets available to place a wager, depending on the bettors interest. Betting NBA, NFL and NCAA are some of the most popular markets in New York, but with the variety of the sportsbooks the options are unlimited.

  • How to start online sports betting?

    Creating an account in an online sportsbook is the first step. With many online sportsbooks available for sure there are sports betting options that covering every bettor need and also a plethora of markets to check. Find the best one for you and do your research before placing any wagers. But the most important is to choose an online sport betting operator licensed and registered by the New York State authorities before you start.

  • What is needed to create an account?

    It is a very fast and easy process to create an account in an online sportsbook, as the platform is guiding you step by step. You have to be older than 21 years and confirm given information for the sign up with a passport or a driving license or a social security number or another identifying paper.