Last updated on May 8th, 2023

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Racing is one of the oldest betting sports in United States as it’s appeared for first time in 1984. In several states there are many races available to watch, attracting the interest of plenty of bettors. For those bettors is very is to place wagers in greyhound racing today, as there is a plethora of online sportsbooks available which are including greyhound racing in their betting options. Since the online betting is legal for the state of New York, there are many sites and apps which are offering tempting odds and also showing live greyhound racing events in their live streaming platform. 

Top Sports Bookmakers for Greyhound Racing

In New York State since 2022 online sports betting became legal, with many online bookmakers launching their sites and apps with license and registration, providing a great variety of available sports betting markets, greyhound racing included, and available options to place a bet. With a lot tempting odds and many betting bonus to claim, there are several options of legit online sportsbooks to check and try us greyhound racing after creating an account. Some top online sportsbooks licensed by New York’s authorities to try are the following:

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Greyhound Racing Betting Bonuses

As Greyhound Racing is a sport with long history and lots of fans for betting during the years, the online sportsbooks in their way to attract more new members are providing as more tempting odds as possible. But the most important are the plenty of bonus offers available for the new bettors. Some the most popular types of bonus to claim for Greyhound Racing bets are the below: 

During on the big events of Greyhound Racing, the online sportsbooks in New York are proving enhanced odds for these races, but also there are several online promotions and bonuses for these races to claim.

Greyhound Racing

How do odds work in Greyhound Racing?

When it comes to odds for Greyhound Racing the explanation is very simple, something that makes racing greyhound a sports market suitable for beginners or experienced bettors: choose the dog that you believe to will win the race. Based on that, the online sportsbooks are giving to the favourite for the win dog less odds and to the other participants’ higher odds bases on the possibilities and the conditions of the dogs. In US greyhound racing the odds is given in fractional form (6/1); a simple type of betting odds, which means that the bettor earns $6 for every $1 in a bet. Online sports bookmakers are providing a big variety of betting options, giving the opportunities for value bets or safer bets with lower odds like the each way bet, for every bettor to find the most suitable bet. 

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Is Online Greyhound Racing Betting Legal in the USA?

It may be a sport with betting interest which is registering in United States for first time in 1894, although Greyhound Racing is not allowed in several states. On the other hand there are active events for US Greyhound Racing in Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Texas and West Virginia, with Wisconsin, Connecticut, Kansas, and Oregon legalize the races too. As for the online Greyhound Racing betting, it is legal in the plethora of the states, New York is one of them, as long as the platform has license and registration by the authorities and includes Greyhound Racing in the sports markets available for betting. 

Major Greyhound Racing Events

A sport with so many years of history and plenty of fans, like Greyhound Racing has a variety of Major events taking place all over the world and attracting big betting interest. Some of the most popular Greyhound Racing contests across the world are the following:

US Greyhound Racing events are holding in those states which have legal active greyhound racetrack like Texas and Iowa.  


  • When Greyhound Racing was first appeared?

    The first Greyhound Racing event in US is registered in 1894, with the first race in oval fieled taking place in 1912.

  • Is Greyhound Racing today allowed?

    Yes, in many countries like England and Wales is allowed, but also is legal in some of the United States.

  • Are Greyhound Racing events available to watch?

    Yes, the fields are open for the fans to watch the spectacle, but also there are many online platforms showing Greyhound Racing events in live stream.