Last updated on May 3rd, 2023

Bet on Handball  in New York

Handball is an Olympic sport, having its roots back in 19th century with countries like Germany, Scandinavia and Czech Republic playing and organizing handball cups, this is why it is enough popular in Europe mostly. Through the years a lot of big events, for clubs and national teams, the popularity increased and with it increased also the betting handball interest. Since the online betting is allowed in the state of New York, several online sportsbooks launched their sites and mobile apps, with license and registration by the state’s authorities, to provide a big variety of sports markets, with betting handball being one of them, for the bettors of New York to discover and try all the available sports betting options.  Top Sports Bookmakers for Betting Handball 

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One of the advantages of the online sportsbooks is that they bring a plethora of sports all around the world, in the comfort of bettors’ house, some of them a lot interesting but less popular, like handball. A handball match is played between two teams of seven players, one of them the goalkeeper, in two halves of thirty minutes and the winner is the team with the most goals scored. As it seems the betting handball market has enough interest for those who will take some time to find some information and place their wagers in the available betting options. As  the online sports betting is allowed in New York since 2019 and many operators launched registered and licensed online sportsbooks in the state, there are more than enough available platforms to check and try betting handball with the best odds, but also with high bonus to claim and a lots of offers. To try the betting handball experience, the first step is to be older than 21 years old, create an account and register in a legit sportsbook. Some of the top sports bookmakers online in New York are the below:  

How to Bet in Handball

Since the sports betting operators providing the option of betting handball in New York, the game took a complete new interest, with the available online betting options to make a simple match and the contests including it, now are taking a whole new interest. A big variety of betting options provided by the sportsbooks, for every bettor to find the most suitable way  for him to increase the odds or reduce the risks, depending on his strategy. The betting handball types are a lot, with the most popular amongst them to be the following: 

Which Markets to Bet in Handball in US

Handball start growing its popularity in the US, New York included, pretty recently mostly through the sports betting platforms and the markets available in the platforms. For now the betting handball markets are a lot limited for the United States but the legit online sportsbooks are providing many international major events like Handball World Championship Qualifications for men and women, with lots of future bets available, and of course a variety of tournaments from other countries to check and place their wagers until a handball market will be established in the United States.  

Markets to Bet Handball around the World 

In betting handball the best markets for the bettors are in Europe, as the particular sport is a lot more popular than in the United States. Many online sportsbooks legit for the state of New York are providing a lot handball markets with high betting action.  

The Handball Germany Bundesliga is one of the top leagues with the majority of the best players to be members of teams of the German league as the game is a lot popular in this country. After that the Handball France Starligue is the second best league of the game, not only in Europe but all around the world. Great teams are giving spectacular, high scoring games, fact which makes the betting handball interest higher. And of course Spain, a country with a great sports tradition, has the Liga Asobal, one more tempting option to place your wagers if you are interested in betting handball.  

With the variety of online sports bookmakers available in New York, the options to explore betting in handball are a lot to find the most suitable for you.