Last updated on May 3rd, 2023

Betting in Boxing in New York

New York is one of the markets with the biggest interest in betting boxing and since the law allows the online sports betting, the registered and licensed sportsbooks site and mobile apps are increasing, providing a plethora of options for betting boxing which are making every game even more interesting. According to the statistics, boxing is the fourth most popular sport in United States, with multiple major events every year and plenty of fans. The legit online sportsbooks in New York are providing such a big variety of betting boxing types for the bettors to choose, which are making a game even more fascinating than already is. And of course a lot of live stream platforms to watch the matches, combined with live betting options to make the betting boxing a lot more interactive.  

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After 2019 when the online sports betting become legal for the state of New York and a lots of top sports bookmakers launched their platforms, betting boxing is one the most preferable options between the members of the sportsbooks, as boxing is one of the most popular sports in the US.  

All the desktop sites and mobile apps legit in NY are providing all time more betting boxing options, for any bettor, amateur or experienced to find the most suitable for him. Due to the growing competition the online sportsbooks are offering very tempting odds for each boxing events, but also several bonus for the bettors to claim and special offers during each contest or many time for a particular boxing fight. 

Online sportsbooks taking also a lot care of their software, launching sites and mobile apps a lot friendly for the users, to adapt quickly and organize their betting boxing options before or during placing the wagers and in the same time to stay up to day with all the boxing news and results anywhere they are. In New York some of the top licensed and registered online sportsbooks to choose for placing your boxing bets are the following: 

How to Bet on Boxing 

The great variety of online sports bookmakers legit for New York is making betting boxing a very simple and quick process. If you are older than 21 there are several sportsbooks licensed and registered for New York to create an account and try the online betting boxing experience. This plethora of online sportsbooks is making available a very big variety of betting types for the bettors to check and find the most suitable for them, with the best odds. In this big variety of betting options for a boxing match, some of the most popular between the bettors are the below: 

Almost all of these betting types are available for live betting in most of the times, making the game even more fascinating and interactive as the odds are changing during the fight.  

Which Markets to Bet in Boxing in US 

With boxing being amongst the top four most popular sports in United States there are multiple major events taking place every year in different states and a lot of them in Las Vegas. With the betting boxing interest being a lot high almost every legit online sportsbook in New York is including a plethora of betting types for these events, providing high bonuses and special offers in each event to claim, but also very tempting odds.   The scheduled fights for the upcoming season are plenty, with the boxers after a break in the previous seasons to be ready to offer great spectacle and the betting interest rising.   

Josh Taylor, Jamal James, Tim Tszyu and Floyd Mayweather Jr are some of the boxers with the most fans and lots of events arranged during the season to look for and place your wagers. 

Markets to Bet Boxing around the World 

Boxing events are organizing and taking place all over the world, as the nationality of the boxers helps the federation to move the major events in several countries for the fans to be able to watch. With the legit online sportsbooks all these events are available for betting boxing from any place and since 2019 also in New York. The popularity of the boxers brings lots of viewers to watch, but also a huge interest for betting boxing in these events.  

Oleksandr Usyk, one of the top boxers, has already fights in his calendar which will take place in Ukraine. But also many events are planned to take place in Scotland, like Josh Taylor Vs Jack Catterall or John Ryder Vs Daniel Jacobs which will take place in London.   The majority of these events are available for betting boxing in online sportsbooks legit for New York.