Last updated on April 5th, 2023

GNY Promo Codes

With the online sportsbooks increased, the bettors have a great variety of options for placing their wagers from the comfort of their houses. But it’s not only that betting became a lot easy, the most important are the promo codes and the bonuses offered by the bookmakers for attracting new members to sign up. Since 2019 the online sports betting became legal in New York with plenty of sports bookmakers making their sites and apps available for the state’s bettors. In this great variety of sportsbooks legit for the New York, there is an even bigger variety of promo codes to use and place risk free bets, increasing the chances for a big win.

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The amount of licensed and registered online sportsbooks in New York is getting bigger all the time, something which means that the bettor must do a good search before finding the promo codes suitable for his betting choices. In this variety of promotional codes, everyone will find the type of offer that covering his needs. 

What are the Promo Codes?

As the name reflects, promo codes are some alphanumeric characters used for promoting a site, in this occasion the online sportsbooks. In New York there are several licensed and registered sports bookmakers available for the bettors to place their wagers and the promotional codes are a way of advertising and providing some free bets or some extra cash for placing bets. Most often promo codes are offering: 

The types of promo codes are varying depending on the sportsbook and the sports markets. During the major events of many sports there are even more offers available for tempting the bettors. The plethora of the markets to bet gives a lot types of promo codes, like:

Why promo Codes are so Important?

There are more than enough reasons explaining why the promo codes are as important as an interactive way to benefit the members of an online platform, starting with the advertising. Online sportsbooks are increasing in the market of New York and the bookmakers want to bring as many bettors as possible and a bonus offer is a great way. But promo codes are a lot important for the bettors too, as there many types to cover every need. The promo codes offers providing bets with less risk or with no loss, fact which is very helpful for the new bettors getting familiar with the online betting and the available markets. The money offered or the improved odds can create value bets returning big cash earnings. In the same time promo codes are a reward for those who have been already members of a sportsbook. 


  • Promo codes are legit?

    Yes, promo codes are legit with the condition that is available by a licensed and registered platform, from a member which has or will create an account in this. 

  • How many promo codes can a member use?

    Each promotional code can be applied only once, but the members of sportsbook can use many promo codes with only condition to not be in the same section. For example somebody can use a promo code for an NBA game or a different one for NFL, but not two promo codes in the same market.

  • When the promo codes expiring?

    Most often the promo codes are expiring after 7 to 20 days. There are also promo codes for major sports events that can be applied as long as the competition lasts.

  • Are promo codes applying in mobile apps?

    Yes, if the online sportsbook provides an app the promo codes can be used by mobile devices.