Last updated on April 5th, 2023

Betting Esports 

Computer games are existing long time now but with the evolution and the increasing popularity the whole gaming situation has changed entirely. The network games lead the whole thing one step ahead, bringing closer gamers form all over the world which made teams and created rivalries. All these facts had as a result the creation of the esports, a different kind of sports including plenty of game titles and fantasy esports, which became rapidly so popular that even online sportsbooks included the option for betting esports on their platforms. Online betting the last year is allowed in the state of New York and this makes also legal the betting esports in legit platforms which are offering the particular sports market.  

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The expansion of the online betting is growing all the time and includes a plethora of sports markets and even more options to bet. In this expansion a market with rapidly increasing popularity is added, the esports. Having many young fans and with plenty of tournaments all over the world, betting esports became a new market in the online sportsbooks. In the state of New York the betting esports is legal for licensed and registered by the local authorities’ online bookmakers.  

The top sports bookmakers are providing the option of betting esports, when a big event is organize, with very tempting odds and several offers. Also, plenty of sportsbooks, except of the big esports contests, are providing their own fantasy betting options for leagues like NBA and NFL, offering big prizes.   

The betting market esports has to do mostly with experienced bettors who search a bit more. But the online sportsbooks are providing very friendly for the users and features to help the bettor to organize his choices. Some of the top sportsbook options providing the betting esports market, legal for New York to choose, are the below: 

How to bet in eSports

Betting eSports is a new market, attracting more and more bettors as it is becoming rapidly a very popular sports betting market. Several online sports betting operators are providing more than enough betting options in this category, so you will find one to create an account before placing your wagers. Most often the most popular titles for betting esports are the following: League of Legends (LoL), Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2 and Overwatch titles with many contests organized all around the world. You can place your wager on the winner of the contest or the best gamer or team, depending on your betting strategy eSports games is the part with the plenty of betting options.   

Which Markets to Bet in eSports in US? 

Online sportsbooks are bringing every sport for betting around the world in your computer or mobile device. The betting eSports markets are spread all over the world, as the gamers and the teams are from many countries and on that is depend on the availability of the market on the sportsbook. Try to place your wagers in contest that taking place in US to stay any time up to date.  

Markets to bet eSports around the World? 

The eSports teams are spread all around the world, with plenty of great gamers coming from Europe; Poland has great esports teams and gamers. The contests are organized in a lot of countries and as the betting esports is legal in the state of New York you can find several of betting esports option in the legit online sportsbooks. Depending on the event popularity and the country who hosts it, plenty of contests are available to place your wagers and try the contests from European countries or some great esports event from Japan. 


In betting eSports there is almost a new language with many terms to sound completely unknown, especially for the amateurs on esports and betting. Some of the most common terms of esports are the following: