Last updated on May 8th, 2023

Horse racing betting

Horse racing is one of the most elegant sports, with the horses and the jockeys offering great spectacle in the race. But also was one of the first sports that the audience could place wagers betting on horse. As betting on horse racing online became legal for New York since 2022 and for 39 more states in total, with several online sports bookmakers after granted the license and registration by the authorities of New York included the horse racing market in their lists of the available betting options. There is a plethora of wagering options in the races for horse betting available in online sportsbooks.

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Since the online sports betting is licensed and registered by the New York State authorities, many sportsbooks launched their sites and apps in which they included horse betting options covering every bettors need and creating value bets returning big earnings if the wagers are placed properly. In New York there is a plethora of legit online sportsbooks to check, with some of the best sites horse racing to be the following:

Horse Racing Betting Bonuses

With the variety of the legit online sportsbooks for horse betting in New York is becoming bigger all the time, the options for bonus increasing, as the platforms willing to attract new members. For betting on horse racing the first step is to choose an online sportsbook. Most of the platforms in the welcome offer have several bonuses available to claim after signing up, with the most popular to be:

Except for these general bonuses available to claim for betting on horses, several online sportsbooks legal for the state of New York, which during some major events have special bonus offers and more attractive odds for the specific events. 

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How we bet on horses?

Since the online sports’ betting is legal in the state of New York, the first things for those who want to try horse betting is to find an online sportsbook, licensed and registered to join:

In horse racing betting sites the available types for horse racing bets are more than enough so the bettors’ will find the most suitable for them before placing their wagers. You must also know this information:

How do odds work in horse racing?

Horse betting odds are a lot tempting as there are some differences with the other betting odds.   For betting on horse racing the money for each gathered in the win pool. As more bettors place wagers in a horse, the odds are dropping lower and the opposite. Most often horse betting odds appearing in fractional type, like 5/1 which means $5 for every $1 placed, so $4 profit.   In betting horse racing very popular are also the exotic wagers, with which the bettors can place wagers in more than one horse with the exotic bets having their own pool and from there come the results for the play offs. 

Types of horse racing bets

In horse betting the variety of the options and the combinations for placing bets is big enough, starting with the two main types the straight bets and the exotic bets. Horse betting straight bets are:

Combinations: The straight bets can be combined win/place or place/show or win/place/show, making the bet safer but reducing the odds. Horse betting exotic bets are:

The types of bets are even more when it’s about betting on horse racing:

Horse racing Glossary









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Is Online Horse Racing Betting Legal in the US?

Yes. Horse betting online is legal in 39 states. There are plenty of sportsbooks, betting horse racing sites and apps with license and registration by the local authorities which are proving legal online horse racing betting options.  Major Horse Racing Events With the horse racing being one of the oldest sports, there are several major contests and event in US and all over the world. Almost every legit sportsbook in New York includes the most of these events available for betting on horse racing. Some popular amongst the bettors major events are the following: 

FAQ for Horse Racing in New York

  • Is online horse betting legal in New York?

    Yes, as since 2022 the online sports’ betting is legal in New York State, several licensed platforms included betting on horse racing in their lists.

  • Which is the limit age for betting on horse racing?

    In the most state after 18 years old is legal the horse betting.

  • Is horse racing events available for live streaming in New York?

    Yes. Most of the online sportsbooks legit for New York are showing the major horse racing event in live streaming.

  • What is a Trifecta?

    Is the option in which the bettor selects the first three horses in a race in correct order.

  • What are the fixed odds in horse betting?

    Fixed odds are the odds with a stable price that the bettors place the wager before the race.

  • What means “Buy the race”?

    t’s an exotic wager in which the bettor uses every horse running in a specific race for the bet.

  • Does horse betting has handicap?

    No, betting on horses is not offering handicaps, only the odds based on the horses’ form.

  • What is a “place” in horse netting?

    Place bet is when the bettor picks a horse to finish 1st or 2nd in the race.

  • What is an endurance race?

    Is a long distance race base not only on the speed but also in the condition of the horse to complete the whole race.

  • Can the beginners try horse betting?

    Betting on horse is suitable for novice or experienced bettors with the proper studying and research on the horses before the race.