Last updated on May 9th, 2023

Live Streaming in New York

Live streaming is present long time now, broadcasting movies or TV series, but also some sports content.  With the expansion of the online sportsbooks and the preference of the bettors turning to in-play betting, live stream became an important tool and a game changer, as except of watching a game, drives live betting in a totally different level by making it more interactive. The live streaming websites and mobile apps are multiplying constantly and of course the legit online sportsbooks are including the feature on their sites and apps. In live streaming the bettors can watch all the major sports events, with more contests and sports markets adding and making the variety even greater, making the live stream a key factor for an exciting in-game betting experience and in the same time a great entertainment choice.  

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What is Live Streaming?

Online sports betting has evolved a lot during the years, offering all the time new and fascinating options for placing wagers. Since in became legal, plenty of online bookmakers launched licensed and registered platforms, recently in the state of New York too, providing a lot of functions and tools to attract more bettors and one of these is the live streaming.  

But what exactly is the live streaming? 

As a term, live streaming is the real time media broadcast with the help of the internet, though a browser or a live streaming app. Like Amazon Prime or Apple TV. Based on this perception, plenty of sports events are broadcasting over the internet like the NBA live streaming or the US Open live streaming. With the most online sportsbooks including the live betting in their options, live streaming is a very useful tool, as the bettor can watch the game of his interest and place his in-play bets in real time.

With the popularity of the live betting increasing a lot, almost every online sportsbook in New York is providing a live stream platform or app for the members, not only for the games with a bet, but for as many sports events all over the world as possible, not only for the major contests. With the games happening across the world being a lot, the live betting options are becoming more, with a stable internet connection and a live streaming platform there are plenty of value bets to explore and place some wagers.  Almost every of the licensed and registered for the state of New York online sportsbooks providing live streaming to their members,  including from NBA live streaming and NFL even cricket live streaming and car races, with the variety of the sports events being so big that satisfies every bettor’s needs. 

Best Online Bookmakers in New York for Live Streaming 

Live streaming exists for several years for watching games across the world, but nowadays with the plethora of online sportsbooks available and the constantly increasing popularity of the in-play betting, it is becoming a very helpful tool for all those bettors who are tempted by live betting.  The sports events all across the world are plenty and the live streaming websites are broadcasting almost all of them, but the online sportsbooks have upgraded it, to be even more useful for the in-game betting, with detailed statistics and plenty of boards analyzing everything that is happening in the field and can affect the result.

So now the bettors, with a live streaming app or platform, have access in plenty of information to read and organize the betting strategy of their choice, based on the game’s progress, as there is not a small amount of factors which can change a bet in a few minutes. Since the online sports betting is allowed in New York, many bookmakers launched their desktop sites and mobile apps, licensed and registered in the state, and almost all of them are including live streaming in their platforms. Some of the online sportsbooks, legit for New York, which are providing live streaming are the following. 

Fanduel Sportsbook

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FanDuel, one of the top online sports betting operators is now available in the state of New York. Such a well known sportsbook couldn’t stay without including live streaming as feature for the members of the platform. Combined with a lot detailed stats, FanDuel has one of the top live streaming apps, with the members being able to watch also on the desktop site, light, and stable, with very good quality for keeping the members up to date for the all the sports new any time and at any place. All the major sports contests are available for the bettors to watch, with the list of the events getting bigger by adding new markets all the time. 

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BetRivers Sportsbook

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BetRivers online sportsbook is the sports betting platform under the support of Rivers Casino and Resorts, licensed and registered for New York and is attracting more bettors every day, as the website and the mobile app are top rated options for online sports betting, including a live streaming platform and mobile app for the members to watch the games of their interest. The live stream feature is one of the best available combined with detailed stats and information for the teams and the players. With BetRivers live streaming, the bettors will not miss any update for the sports contests and events that all over the world and will discover a new live betting experience.

Another top online sports bookmaker legit for the state of New York is WynnBET, which soon will include the live streaming on the desktop site and mobile app. Until then, WynnBET has a live scoreboard with animations, but provides some very detailed graphics and statistics a lot helpful and important for live betting, which worth the bettors’ attention. 

Pros and Cons in Live Streaming