Last updated on April 4th, 2023

GNY Free Bets

Having a lot of advantages, online betting is becoming more and more popular. The biggest advantage of the online sportsbooks is the bonus and a very preferable type is the free bets. Since online sports bookmakers started to launch their sites and apps in New York, plenty of bettors are signing up to claim the bonus of free bets and place a wager with less risk. With the list of licensed and register for New York the options of free bets to claim are covering every bettors need and strategy, so sportsbooks free bets justified is one pretty good reward for the new or the existing members of the platform.

Which are the Top Free Bets?

The options of legit online sportsbooks are increasing rapidly since New York State allowed betting online. In this competition between the sports bookmakers the free bets as a bonus is very often offered as the bettors prefer it a lot. Sportsbooks free bets can be very helpful for a bettor, as with reduced risk of a loss can create value bets and discover new sports markets, with interesting betting options. Plenty of times free bets are offered for specific leagues like NBA or NFL, MLS and more. During the major sports contests even more free bets are available to claim as long as the event lasts. The main reason for the sportsbooks members loving the free bets are that can be placed with almost no restrictions, except for the wagering requirements.  With so many to claim, a choice of the best free bets is a bit subjective, as it is based on many factors like the bettor’s experience, the bettor’s strategy and the knowledge of a sports market. Top free bets can be chosen of course by the amount offered, the available markets to place them and most importantly the wagering requirements. In any case the sportsbooks free bets are very important, helping the bettor to place his wager many times with no cost at all. The most common types of free bets are:

Best Bookmakers with Free Bets

In New York the plethora of betting markets and options increases the variety free bets offers available like free bets no deposit sportsbook or promo codes for free bets. For New York, some of the sportsbooks offering top free bets in welcome offers to find the most suitable are:

Sportsbooks free bets are included not only in the welcome offers for new bettors, but are also available for the already members of the sportsbooks. Plenty of free bets offers are available for live betting, particular leagues or major events, a bettor can claim sportsbook free bets even with by bringing a new member in the platform. 

Why Free Bets are so important?

Sportsbooks free bets is a very nice interactive way for both sides, bookmakers and bettors, having benefits. With the online betting becoming all the time more popular and with the variety of legit sportsbooks increasing, the free bets is a great advertising to attracting new members and reward the existing ones. For the members, new or existing free bets are even more important, as by reducing the risk of losing amount of cash, the bettors are more comfortable before placing their wagers. A bettor by claiming sportsbook free bets can build a new strategy or modify the existing one and try some of the available betting with making some experiments with the wagers as they will be returned in case of a loss. Also with the free bets a member of an online sportsbook can try and discover new sports markets and options as the free bets reducing the money of a potential lost bet. To conclude free bets can be a lot helpful for the bettor opening many new territories with new betting markets and choices.

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Terms and Conditions for Free Bets

Free bets are a lot preferable amongst the bettors, as they providing reduced risk, potential big earnings and new betting options. But before to claim the sportsbooks free bets, there some terms and condition which the bettor must cover:

Free Bets vs Risk-Free Bet

A very usual confusion amongst the bettors is difference between free bets and risk free bets, as both look very similar but having different use. With the free bets the sportsbook returns to the bettor an equal amount to place a new bet, placing the whole amount in one wager. On the other hand, risk free bets are working as a guarantee in a case of a loss the book maker will give the bettor new bet, one more chance to try with the same amount of wager. Free bets and risk free bets have as types of bonuses have in common the security that the bettor will have something in return in case of a loss, so the bettors will choose the one closer to their needs and strategies. 


  • All sportsbooks in New York offering free bets?

    No, there are other types of offers too. FanDuel, BetRivers and WynnBET are some sportsbooks with the best free bets.

  • When the winnings of free bets can be withdrawn?

    If the wagering requirements are covered free bets earnings can be withdrawn instantly.

  • How Free Bets can be used?

    Free Bets can be placed in the majority of the sports markets available in the sportsbook that provided them, with the only condition to cover the wagering requirements.