Last updated on March 22nd, 2023

Payment Methods PayNearMe

In a time that online transactions are gaining popularity because of the speed and the security, there are providers who are trying to make things even faster, easier and safer. Like PayNearMe, a reliable platform that accepts cash, debit or credit, ACH, even Apple Pay and Google Pay working like a wallet and reducing the costs to the minimum. A private and secure platform that you can link many accounts with and use it as a payment method for paying bills, a plenty of online shops and gambling operators and simplify a lot all kind of online transactions.

Which Gambling Operators offer PayNearMe?

Fanduel Sportsbook

  • A very trustworthy betting operator.
  • Some of the most tempting available odds
  • Fanduel Sportsbook app is one of the best available
  • Needs improvement in loyalty programs.
  • Phone call support not available all the time.
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PointsBet Sportsbook

  • One of the easiest platforms to use
  • Excellent mobile app
  • Great odds offered, appearing with display preferences
  • Great variety of sports markets.
  • Parlay Bet may be a bit tricky.
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BetMGM Sports

  • Very friendly for the user as it has very easy navigation between the menus
  • One of the biggest varieties of sports markets and available betting options.
  • Live stream option available on site and app.
  • One of the most trustworthy brands.
  • No customers support available via telephone.
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As there is a great variety of online gambling operators and sportsbook, the same plethora appears also in the payment methods to cover every taste and preference of the players for easy and fast transfers, but also secure and protected. PayNearMe combines payments in cash but also online transactions and a big amount of players prefer it, as more and more gambling operators include it in their lists of available payment methods. PayNearMe provides one of the most secure platforms and the function of including plenty of providers combined with low fees and fast transactions makes it gain popularity as a payment method for online gambling.

How we can Deposit Money in PayNearMe

PayNearMe came to make the online transactions easier and simplify the payments as it is a modern and reliable digital platform. The process to make a deposit is very simple:

  1. Download the PayNearMe mobile app available in App Store and Play Store for your device.
  2. Complete the requested personal information to create a new account.
  3. Confirm your registration.
  4. Link your accounts with PayNearMe.

After you connect your accounts with the mobile app you can choose from which account you will deposit the money for the payment which you want to complete. The fees are rarely appeared depending on bank product you want to use. The deposits are appearing instantly for use in PayNearMe. The platform is not only working fast, but is also one of the safest options to use as a payment method for an online gambling operator, but also to organize your payments.

How we can Withdraw Money in PayNearMe

At the moment you can make your withdrawals only in person visiting one of the many places which support the platform using the NFC function. PayNearMe has granted a license for cardless withdrawals from ATMs in no less than 17 states, including New York just by receiving a text with an order and PIN to use for withdrawing an amount up to $500.

As the online withdrawals with PayNearMe are not yet supported, as it mostly works as a payment method for a great variety of bills, online shops and gambling operators. Using PayNearMe may not allow a straight withdrawal, but it gives the opportunity to make your transactions fast and with no cost to alternate payment methods. The most important is that you can organize your payments in a unique way and make things a lot easier than before with plenty of useful functions available.

What we should know for PayNearMe

PayNearMe is a mobile platform trustworthy and modern which gives to the user a huge variety of payment options from bank accounts to Apple and Google Pay, working as digital wallet. Using the platform you can personalize the given options and organize you transactions the best possible way, advantages that makes it one of the top options available. PayNearMe has also the advantage of use as a contactless card for payments but also withdrawals via ATMs. The security of the platform is one of the top amongst similar apps, using the latest protocols and encryptions for your information and transactions to be safe.