Last updated on October 6th, 2022

Payment Methods Skrill  

Skrill is a London based company since 2001 that changed the whole situation about the online payments. Becoming a digital wallet in which many bank cards or accounts and plenty of payment methods can be linked to simplify a lot the online money transfers. Skrill created a platform that is a lot friendly for the user to become familiar with and make any transactions easy and secure.  The platform is one of the cheapest in charging fees and this is a reason that the majority of online gambling operators accept it as a payment method. The great security provided by Skrill for the entire user’s information, makes a great choice between payment methods.  

Which Gambling Operators offer Skrill? 

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Skrill, the London based e-wallet, started since 2001 and in 2015 started a corporation with PaySafe Group, increased its popularity by all the innovations that brought to make the online transactions a lot quicker, easier and even more secure. After the authorization from Finаnсiаl Соnduсt Аuthоrity (FCA) Skrill is providing a plenty of financial services to simplify the online money transfers and become one of the most preferable platform available, not only for daily use, but also as a payment method for online gambling operators and sportsbooks. Skrill offers a great variety of currencies like US Dоllаrs, Саnаdiаn Dоllаrs, Еurо, Роund Stеrling and reduces the fees and the costs for deposits and withdrawals. All these functions in a platform with enchased security, using the latest encryption technologies and multilayered security systems to provide safe money transactions and personal data to the clients. This is why the number of online sportsbooks and gambling operators has Skrill as a top payment method is increasing rapidly in New York.  

How we can Deposit Money in Skrill 

Online money transactions are very popular nowadays, as the security provided, combined with simple use and fast completion are some of the advantages. Skrill as a very reliable e-wallet rapidly became a preferable payment method as it makes things even easier and faster. To create a Skrill account is a very simple process, as you have to visit the official site and click on the “Register” button on the top right corner and enter your personal information.

After you confirm your registration, you can link a bank card or bank account to transfer the amount of your choice to top up your Skrill account balance. Transfers like this don’t have any charge and the funds are immediately available to use. Skrill provides one of the safest environments for transactions but also for all the personal data and bank information that you will use on the platform to make your deposit.   

How we can Withdraw Money in Skrill 

One of the advantages the Skrill platform provides is the very fast withdrawals and payouts. As soon as you have funds added in your account you have to visit the site or the mobile app and click on the “Withdraw” button. After that you choose the amount that you want to withdraw and the account that you want to transfer it. As one of the most secure platforms, Skrill will send you a verification code in email or SMS, depending on your preference, to confirm the payment.

When you make withdrawals in Skrill to one of the accounts that you have linked the transfer is completed within 48 hours, depending on the amount, and there are no charges or fees. In other payment services the time and the fees are depended on the bank and the amount. Most often the withdrawal is completed within 5 business days with a small fee based on the bank that you will make the transfer.   

What we should know for Skrill 

Skrill evolved in one of the most trustful and a lot popular e-wallets available. The London based company includes a plethora of financial services as it is available in more than 200 countries with a lot of currencies for online transactions and most important, commission free. Skrill provides all these but has also a very secure platform, as it uses SSL encryptions and a multilayered security system for the clients to make their transfer with no any worries. 

Skrill is increasing rapidly the amount of those who use it in New York and for that the majority of online gambling operators adding it as an option in payment methods list.