Last updated on October 6th, 2022

Payment Methods Visa/Mastercard 

Visa/Mastercard are two brands synonymous to the money transactions. Some many years providing great services in one of the safest environments for transfers in person or online. In the many uses of Visa/Mastercard is the use for deposits and withdrawals for online gambling operators as is not only a very safe and fast way to complete the transactions is also one of the cheapest options amongst the available as the majority of the sites and apps do not have any fees for Visa/Mastercard use. A name like Visa or Mastercard is a guarantee of security and this is one of the reasons that plenty of players have it as the preferred payment method.   

Which Gambling Operators offer Visa/Mastercard? 

Fanduel Sportsbook

Risk Free Bonus
up to $2500

PointsBet Sportsbook

Free Bet $500
Free Bet up to $1500
Must be 21+ T&Cs apply

BetMGM Sports

Free Bet up to $1000
Must be 21+ T&Cs apply

Visa/Mastercard is a brand so famous, that it comes instantly in mind when we talk about payment methods either in person or online. It is one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands after so many years of existing and evolving for money transactions. Of course Visa/Mastercard couldn’t stay out as an option of the online sportsbooks and gambling platforms in New York and in the perception of making all the transfers fast, simple and secure; plenty of the operators are including Visa/Mastercard in their lists of payment methods as an option for deposit and withdrawal, as a lot of the players prefer it and it is one of the most secure options to make your money transactions. 

Using Mastercard and Visa for your transactions with a gambling operator it may includes some fees as a bank product, with differences amongst the banks but most often there are no charges by the gambling operators.   

How we can Deposit Money in Visa/Mastercard 

Visa/Mastercard is one of the most popular ways for online purchases and payments as it is a name with many years in the bank transfers evolving and providing new services. A client of Mastercard or Visa has the card connected to a bank account to have the balance for use. You can make a deposit, which appears instantly, to top up the balance either in person by visiting the bank cash desk or the automatic cash machine, either with the online platform transferring money from another account. You can also deposit an amount using other platforms of your preference by linking the card with this account, but in that case there may be some small fees or extra charges, but Mastercard is the providers with the less costs. Many gambling operators are offering bonuses for the use of Visa and Mastercard because of these low cost provisions.  

How we can Withdraw Money in Visa/Mastercard 

The money transactions today, online or in person, must be fast and secure and Visa/Mastercard provides both for their clients. When you want to withdraw money from your Mastercard or Visa balance you can visit either a bank in person and go to the cash desk or you can use one of the plenty ATMs available and your personal identification number (PIN) to withdraw the amount of cash that you need. You can also transfer money using the online platform of Visa/Mastercard and sending to another account or platform that you use as an alternate payment method. In that case there may be some fees or charges but Visa/Mastercard is one of the cheapest providers, reducing the costs to the minimum.  The online withdrawals or transfers more often are completed within 2 to 5 working days for the confirmation, something that happens for Mastercard to achieve the maximum security for the transactions.  

What we should know for Visa/Mastercard 

Visa/Mastercard is one of the most well known brands for money transactions between the banks or other accounts and one very popular payment method, almost in everyday use. This is because Visa and Mastercard have almost no fees, most of the online sportsbooks are not charging anything, but it is also a very secure platform, a very quick direct deposit and one of the most user friendly methods. Through the years Visa and Mastercard are sponsoring many big sports events and evolved as one of the most popular payment methods amongst sportsbooks and online gambling platforms for all the advantages that provide, making it a very secure option for your transfers.