Last updated on February 6th, 2023

Sports Betting Apps in New York

Nowadays the technology made huge steps to simplify everyday life and give people the opportunity to do everything with the fingertips just with the use of a mobile device. In this perception and since online sports betting is allowed for New York State after they launched desktop versions of the sportsbooks, the betting apps were the next step. Since 2019 the authorities of New York started to give license and registration for online sportsbooks and the mobile apps provided by the bookmakers is a very useful tool for every bettor, amateur or experienced.  

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As the fans of online sports betting are increasing since 2019 in New York, the betting apps are a lot important for all the bettors. Online sportsbooks are making the betting fast and easy as the bettor can to everything from the comfort of his, but betting apps are getting this one step forward. Betting online brings a plethora of markets available for the players to choose and place their bets and this fact means that there is sports action all the time somewhere around the globe.

For that all the time more bettors are using the mobile apps provided by the bookmaker of their choice, to stay up to date with almost every sports event anywhere. With an iOS or an Android device the player can check what is happening in a lot of games, how the odds are changing, check the team and players stats and the how the event is going to plan the way of placing his bets and his strategy. Many betting apps available for New York are also providing live streaming, so except for the updates and the stats the player can even watch the game on his phone or tablet.  

The software providers created mobile apps which include all the features of the desktop version, so the players have all the options available, even to create an account and of course except of the sports betting site bonuses, mobile apps offering some exclusive offers for their users. Choose your bookmaker, download the mobile app for iOS or Android and don’t miss a moment of sports action anywhere you are.  

Best Apps in Sports Betting 

As the modern technology makes everything quick and simple, the mobile devices are a part of everyday jobs and not only. After 2019 the sports betting market of New York is growing all the time, with a plethora of options which are covering every bettor’s preference. Betting apps are a very useful tool for all the bettors, with many features included which are giving a plenty of information for the bets placed and updates of the odds, but also the new of the teams, any last minute injuries, whatever happens to a sports event is on your mobile device with a betting. And every piece of information is valuable for a players betting strategy.

In New York the variety of the available betting apps is so big that every player will find the perfect choice for him. Some of the best sports betting apps are the following:  

How to Download a Sports Betting App? 

The options of legit sports betting apps for the state of New York are becoming more quickly, so for sure there are choices for any bettors taste. The betting apps are compatible with both iOS or Android devices and that makes a lot simple for anybody who has a mobile device to use it. After a good search and choosing the best app for you the download is an easy and fast process: 

In many occasions the bookmakers are sending a link that leads the user straight to the betting app in App Store or Play Store to make the download even simpler and quicker.  

FAQ for Betting Apps in New York

  • What are the Betting Apps?

    Betting apps is the version of an online sportsbook for iOS or Android mobile phones and tablets, so the bettor to stay up to date with all the sports action globally but also placing his bets from any place and any time.

  • Are the betting apps allowed in New York?

    After 2019 the online sports betting is legal for the state of New York. So for a betting app to be legit in NY it must have license and registration from the authorities of the state.

  • Does the betting apps have the function of the desktop site?

    The betting apps are developed based on the desktop site of the sportsbook and the plethora of them support every function in iOS or Android environment, from placing bets even watching the games in live stream.

  • Which are the best betting apps for New York?

    Great variety of betting apps is available in New York to cover every users need in iOS or Android devices. Before choosing a betting app, be sure that is licensed and registered by the local authorities. Some top rated betting apps are the following:
    FanDuel betting app
    WynnBET betting app
    BetRivers betting app

  • Are the betting apps safe to use?

    All the latest iOS and Android mobile devices are using the new technologies for security like the finger print and the device tracking. These combined with the up to date encryption system used by the betting apps providers makes them more than safe to use, as long they are licensed and registered in the state.